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Myers, Chap. 4_Study Guide - Myers, Chapter 4: Initial...

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Myers, Chapter 4: Initial Contact, Immigration, and Size of Groups Today MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Groups that have gained a significant degree of power and moved substantially towards inclusion are called: A) streams. B) Native Americans. C) former minority groups. D) first contacts. Page Ref: 87 2) Polish immigrants first came to the U.S. in large numbers during: A) the second great immigration stream. B) the third great immigration stream. C) the Colonial Era. D) the first great immigration stream. Page Ref: 88-93 3) When compared to the Colonial Era and immigration streams one and two, stream three was A) the most diverse. B) the least diverse. C) the smallest. D) made up primarily of enslaved Africans. Page Ref: 91 4) Which is the primary source of data used in Chapter Four? A) Census B) Roper organization C) USA-Today polls D) CNN polls Page Ref: 96 5) Which is/are true of the context in which the 1790 census was taken? A) Slaves were seen as inferior to whites. B) Slaves were thought to be worthy of full representation in Congress. C) Race was in no way tied to perceived capabilities. D) all of the above
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Myers, Chap. 4_Study Guide - Myers, Chapter 4: Initial...

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