Myers, Chap. 7_Study Guide

Myers, Chap. 7_Study Guide - MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the...

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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Which factor(s) contributed to Black assimilation sooner than Native American assimilation? A) necessity B) intimacy C) force D) all of the above Page Ref: 177 2) Black institutional development ________ that of whites. A) paralleled B) defined C) exceeded D) remained far below Page Ref: 177 3) The first Africans to settle in the colonies were: A) indentured servants. B) not bound to anyone. C) temporary visitors. D) slaves. Page Ref: 178 4) The first successful cash crop in the south was A) cotton. B) corn. C) tobacco. D) rice. Page Ref: 179 5) Madden's (1943) book, We Were Always Free , claimed that A) slave numbers decreased over time. B) all Africans were slaves. C) some Africans were not slaves. D) by 1850, the number of free blacks equaled that of enslaved blacks. Page Ref: 178 6) During slavery, blacks A) were not allowed to legally marry. B) were considered inferior to whites. C) were often beaten or whipped for minor offenses. D) all of the above. Page Ref: 180 7) How did African Americans react to slavery? A) They tried to escape. B) They used subtle methods of resistance. C) For the most part, they conformed. D) All of the above. Page Ref: 183 8) Jemmy's Rebellion is an account of A) a slave election. B) a slave girl's refusal to obey. C) a slave uprising that failed. D) none of the above 1
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Page Ref: 184 9) The author referred to the dominant group's oppression accompanied by a false racist rationale for justification as A) a schizophrenic denial. B) an act of pure evil.
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Myers, Chap. 7_Study Guide - MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the...

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