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Myers, Chap. 12, Japanese Americans MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) The author points out that Japanese Americans arrived on the U.S. mainland and A) Puerto Rico. B) Hawaii. C) Guam. D) Alaska. Page Ref: 385 2) All of the following present the uniqueness of Japanese migration except A) it was gender stratified. B) it took place over short period of time. C) the beginning and ending. D) no laws controlling it. Page Ref: 387-388 3) Why did many Japanese choose to immigrate to U.S.? A) search out economic improvement B) to spy for Japan C) escape religious oppression D) search out brides Page Ref: 388 4) Many Japanese American women came as ________ after 1907. A) picture brides B) estranged spouses C) nannies and domestics D) concubines Page Ref: 389 5) The vast majority of Japanese immigration to the U. S. took place between A) 1885 and 1924. B) 1800 and 1860. C) 1930 and 1990. D) 1690 and 1790. Page Ref: 389 6) ________ refers to second generation Japanese Americans born in the U.S. to immigrant parents. A) Nisei B) Yansei C) Gosei D) Issei Page Ref: 389 7) Which year saw the numerical record number of Japanese immigrants to the U.S.? A) 1870 B) 1910 C) 2000 D) 1940 Page Ref: 390 1
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8) Around ___ % of Japanese Americans live in California today. A) 50
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Myers, Chap. 12_Study Guide - M yers, Chap. 12, Japanese...

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