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Myers, Chap. 13_Study Guide - Myers Chap 13 Mexican...

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Myers, Chap. 13, Mexican Americans MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Mexican Americans immigrated during which great stream? A) third B) second C) first D) all of the streams Page Ref: 436 2) All of the following are true of Mexican American influence in the U.S. EXCEPT A) Mexican culture continues to influence U.S. culture. B) Mexican culture has influenced U.S. culture. C) Mexican culture no longer influences U.S. culture. D) Mexican culture is separate from U.S. mainstream culture. Page Ref: 436 3) All of the following nations went to war with Mexico EXCEPT A) U.S. B) Portugal. C) France. D) Spain Page Ref: 440 4) At the end of the Mexican American War in ________ the ________ was established as the U.S./Mexico boundary. A) 1912, Rio Grande river B) 1848, sierra Nevada Mountains C) 1848, Rio Grande river D) 1912, Sierra Nevada Mountains Page Ref: 441 5) A major pull for Mexicans to the U.S. was A) economic opportunities. B) acceptance by government . C) political freedom. D) religious freedom. Page Ref: 442 6) The numerical peak of Mexican immigration to the U.S. was in A) 1830. B) 1990.
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Myers, Chap. 13_Study Guide - Myers Chap 13 Mexican...

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