Quiz 2 and Answers

Quiz 2 and Answers - Q uiz 2 - O ctober 9 ,2009 - E...

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Quiz 2 - October 9,2009 - Ethnicity and the Immigrant Experience in the U.S. Put all answers on the answer sheet. Total of 100 points possible. All answers are worth 5 points each MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Which is/are true of the context in which the 1790 census was taken? A) Slaves were seen as inferior to whites. B) Slaves were thought to be worthy of full representation in Congress. C) Race was in no way tied to perceived capabilities. D) all of the above 2) The two largest minority groups in the U.S. are: A) Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans B) Hispanic Americans and Native Americans C) African Americans and Asian Americans D) African Americans and Hispanic Americans 3) Why are members of minority groups counted less often in the census process? A) Undocumented immigrants may choose not to respond. B) They tend to live in less
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Quiz 2 and Answers - Q uiz 2 - O ctober 9 ,2009 - E...

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