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Quiz 3 and Answers - Q uiz 3 - o ctober 3 0,2 009- E...

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Quiz 3 - october 30, 2009 Ethnicity and the Immigrant Experience in the u.s. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. l) When they first immigrated to the U.S., the lrish were often compared to Native Americans and African Americans because: A) they were English speakers. B) they had chosen to move to the U.S. C) they were considered nonwhite. D) all of the above 2) The lrish immigrants of the l840's and 50's were known as: A) terrorists. B) lace curtain lrish. C) famine D) none ofthe above. 3) During the 1800's, were stereotyped as A) wonderfully intelligent storytellers and musicians. B) dirty, undernourished and disease-ridden folks who arrived in hordes. C) clean, thdfty, and hard-working. 4) Because of lreland's history with the British, Myers argued that they were A) unsocialized B) positively stereotyped C) pre-assimilated D) economically advantaged before arriving in the U.S. 5) In the 1990 census, lrish Americans identified as surpassing the average American
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Quiz 3 and Answers - Q uiz 3 - o ctober 3 0,2 009- E...

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