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Aristotle believes we have the ability to develop a character. This means that a character is not inborn because we can alter our character. One can obtain a character by life's experiences such as when you do good you are rewarded and when you do bad you are punished. Eventually you hopefully learn to do the right thing whether or not you are praised every time because it makes you feel good. We develop characters that can either be virtuous or vicious; either way we are ultimately responsible. Everyone is capable of possessing a virtuous character. People become virtuous by doing good that others who are also virtuous would do. It is best to start younger so it is easier to adjust
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Unformatted text preview: and for it to become natural to act virtuously. You habitat is also a factor because it is easier to become virtuous when everyone around you is also virtuous. There are four types of character. The first type is virtuous. This is when you not only know good and do good but you enjoy it. The second type is continent. This is knowing good and doing good but not liking it. The third is incontinence. This is knowing good but choosing to not do good because you don't like to do good. The final type is vicious. This is not knowing, doing, or liking good. This would be the opposite of virtuous....
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