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Foundationalism is a good belief system that rests on a few true indubitable basic beliefs. To Descartes, foundationalism is the " epistemological view that a good system of beliefs contains only true and/or reliable beliefs, all of which can be traced back to a certain group of core beliefs called “basic beliefs.” All other beliefs are “built up” so to speak from this “foundation.” (Notes)" In the Meditations he is trying to find doubt in his beliefs. He questions and tries to doubt: I think therefore I am, that God exists, and that there are material physical objects. Descartes cannot doubt his own existence, because he states that doubting is a kind of thinking and he is a thinking substance. And he is certain of God
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Unformatted text preview: because he says if there is a God, it is that being than which nothing greater can be thought. Therefore, if anything can be thought and also exist is better than a thought. If there is no God he is not greater than things that can be thought. If God exists his definition isn't his definition which is not true. So God exists. He believes and doubts that we have a body but agrees that its very closely linked to the mind. He believes that other bodies exist outside of his because things have happened to him outside of his will so something else has to be the cause, but he doubts it because of optical illusions. He believes these things because although they cannot be undoubtably proven they have reliable evidence and reason....
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