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According to Ferraro in Chapter 1, what are the benefits of understanding other cultures? Most people in the United States have a poor understanding of other cultures. When asked to take surveys about other cultures we continue to lack in a basic knowledge of what other countries and their cultures are all about. According to Ferraro the benefits of understanding other cultures is not only to better understand their cultures but to also get a better understanding of your own. To be able to understand and appreciate your culture, your first need to go out and experience other cultures. Looking at other cultures helps shed a new light on your views and perspectives. Foods that you might find repulsive some may consider a great delicacy. Rituals that some cultures perform everyday because they truly believe that is how you stay alive and healthy, some view as an unnecessary waste of time and silly. We need to learn more about these other cultures with an open mind to understand why they live that way. If we do this it will help
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