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Chapter 2 discusses the features of the culture concept. What are the characteristics of any four features? DO NOT use the definition of culture as a feature In society today we are constantly learning more about other countries and their cultures. There are many characteristics of cultures that Ferraro discusses in chapter two. First, culture is shared among anyone and everyone. No matter where you are you need to understand the culture and communication around you. When you are somewhere you have lived your entire life you are more likely to be able to know and predict the behavior of people around you. However, if you grew up on the other side of the world and came to somewhere new for the first time you need to be able to understand the new culture. If you cannot understand the meaning of a verbal or nonverbal communication you are given anything from an awkward moment to a fight can occur. Secondly, culture is learned. From the time you are born you learn enculturation. As
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