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anthropologists learn a great deal from fieldwork. What are the personal (not academic) risks and rewards the anthropologist experiences? There are many risks when it comes to a life of anthropology. Anthropologists must be aware of their surrounding when traveling to other countries, and take proper precautions before leaving such as getting s series of shots or medicines to protect them. At anytime during their fieldwork they or a family member could become ill or even die if proper precautions are not taken. Another risk is culture shock. Since most anthropologist are going to drastically different parts of the world, they are likely to feel disoriented psychologically. Uncertainty in an unfamiliar country can be stressful for anyone because most of our meanings are not shared and a lot of misunderstanding can occur. You no longer have a correct way to
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Unformatted text preview: behave, you often feel rejected, and tend to have a low self esteem when first entering the new culture. It can be overwhelming to have nice things such as a car and a home one day and the next its all taken away from you and all you have is a backpack of items. Although there are many risks, the reward of fieldwork is certainly helpful. Biculturalism is a reward of fieldwork. Having to live in a new environment for long periods of time teaches you a great deal about that culture as well as you own culture. You have a better overall understanding of your own culture because you have seen others around you and have a broader sense of human behavior. You gain a bicultural perspective in which you can now think and perceive two separate cultures....
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