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the shift to food production altered human life. What are causes and effects of this Neolithic Revolution? Around ten thousand years ago domestication came about and caused a shift in food production and altered human life. The causes of the Neolithic Revolution are said to be because of certain environmental or demographic conditions. Back when this was happening the foragers were reluctant to start farming because it required so much effort and offered less security. So people believe that food production came about because of the rapid change in populations and the reluctance of people to get into the agriculture business. This mass increase of food supply responded in a mass explosion of population. Although this period created many more people, it didn't last nearly as long as the prehistoric periods. Populations also became more sedentary as a result in mass food production. Some of the effects of the Neolithic Revolution are an overall decline in
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Unformatted text preview: health. Although farming is more convenient, foraging had a better overall effect on your health such as nutrition. When people from the Neolithic Revolution were compared to people before it was shown that the people in the Neolithic period had a slightly shorter average than the people before them. Also the people in the Neolithic period had a three hundred percent increase in bone lesions and a fifty percent increase in tooth decay. Crime, war, aggression, and poverty were dramatic effects as well to the Neolithic Revolution. I felt that this chapter was very interesting because I never knew of this great shift and all of the causes and the serious effects. I was shocked that farming had such a negative effect on health and crime but such a positive effect on creating the world we live in today. This rapid production of food greatly altered their way of life....
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