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Chapter 8 Ferraro - relationships are not as good between...

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what are the primary forms of distribution (exchange) used in various parts of the world? The three primary forms of distribution in various parts of the world are Reciprocity, Redistribution, and Market Exchange. The first type, reciprocity, has three main sub- parts. These parts are generalized, balanced, and negative. Generalized is when you give without an expectation of immediate return. This is the highest level of priority because it is normally done with close friends or family members. The most common form of generalized reciprocity would be between parents and child because the parents do an abundance of things to help there child grow and be happy. When they grow to old to take care of them selves they hope that their child will take care of them in return. The second kind of reciprocity is balanced. This requires an equal return of goods or services within a specific time period with a feeling of obligation. This is because the
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Unformatted text preview: relationships are not as good between the two people or just formal. The last form of reciprocity is negative. Negative is when on of the people attempts to take advantage of the other. This is most common with strangers or enemies because personal gain is the main goal of this form of reciprocity. The second form of distribution is redistribution. The main goal of redistribution is for a central society or organization to obtain good and distribute it to people or a society in a new pattern. The final form of distribution is market exchange. This is when the goods or services is bought or sold. This type of redistribution is most commonly between two people with no relationship of any kind. The most common form of payment is currency but in underdeveloped or small-scale societies they use bartering....
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