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what are reasons for the high divorce rate in the U.S. and how has it contributed to new forms of family? There are a lot of reasons for high divorce rates in the U.S. The first is an industrialized nation. Due to the drastic changes in technology over the past years the role of women has changed. Instead for their prime occupation being child care more and more women are now a part of the working class. Since both men and women have careers there is often little time for communication, and when there is a conversation there is a lot of room for miscommunication. This has contributed to the new forms of family because this also leaves the children with a lot of alone time and rarely family time. This can weaken the ties in a marriage and the overall family and pull them apart and make something like divorce an easy solution. Also, individualism is becoming an important part in the United States. People are
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Unformatted text preview: wanting more for themselves and are decreasingly willing to do things for others including their spouses. Therefore, they are spending less time with their significant others and spending more time doing things for themselves causing a gap in the relationship and often an overall failure. This contributes to a new form of family because this often leads to selfishness in the children who are going to only think of themselves because thats how they were taught by their parents. Finally, not only is the divorce rate is high because of the Western emphasis on "love" as the basic reason for marriage, which makes it so that when all the romance is set aside the relationship is vulnerable. There is also not so much emphasis on saving a marriage. People today are not looked at in a different way if they have had a divorce because in the United States today one out of every two marriages fail....
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