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how are technology and urbanization modifying kinship patterns in contemporary societies? Technology and urbanization are modifying kinship patterns in contemporary societies. Technology has modified kinship patterns because you can now look at your family generations and generations in the past. Before you could only know you ancestors if your parents told you or you had a record of them. Today all it takes is the click of a mouse and some cash and you can know not only whose in your family but marriages, divorces, and other information. Kinship patterns are constantly changing but they represent a very intimate form of a relationship. Kinship brings on emotion, responsibility, security, and social roles. Families kinship roles can change during hard times. Urbanization plays a key role in modifying kinship patterns because urbanization has caused more individual time. With the mass advance of technology, it has caused so
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Unformatted text preview: many more things to do like renting a movie or taking a drive. This urbanization has pushed technology forward and caused people to become much more individualized. These days some people would rather be completely isolated doing their own thing as opposed to spending time with others let alone their families. There is also a mass advance in things such as the cell phone and the computer and those are causing people to become less social and more obsessed with technology. People who center their lives around things like the computer have come to be more anti-social and fin it harder to face the reality of the outside world. This chapter was interesting because i never knew that you could go online and look up your family history and find out who married who and get other types of information about them just from a website. It also opened my eyes to how much technology has really impacted our world....
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