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what are examples of extreme gender ideologies resulting in exploitation of women? Ferraro discusses many examples of extreme gender ideologies which result in the exploitation of women. First, in places such as Africa women are thought to be lesser than men. In some societies they feel a woman's menstral cycle is feared to cause a strain in a mans physical well-being. Also, items men collect and found to be more valuable than what women collect in some countries. The Middle East is another good example of extreme gender ideologies. The women are cut off from a wider society by being required to wear a veil at all times. These women feel that the veil gives them security and protection because they have always had to wear it. Most of the women would choose not to take off the veil because of this. China and India are good examples because of the growing gender imbalance
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Unformatted text preview: between males and females and the strong favoritism towards men. The fact that men are strongly favored over women is not the only problem for China now that the government is strictly controlling the one child one family idea. People estimate that if they keep this up there will be millions of men unable to obtain wives. In Northern India there is a serious problem of female infanticide. People kill females just for the fact that males are more valuable for farming and receiving dowry. Infant mortality is also a serious problem in North India. Almost eighty-five percent of those deaths were women. This chapter shocked me in the amount of bias between men and women still going on throughout the world. In the United States I feel we really take our situation for granted. We are very lucky to not have such extreme forms of gender ideologies....
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