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Chapter 13 describes political organization. Using examples, discuss the differences between a nation and a state? People tend to use the words nation and state interchangeably, however they both serve two different meanings. A nation is a group of people who share a common identity, history, and culture. A state on the other hand is a "particular type of political structure that is hierarchical, bureaucratic, centralized, and has a monopoly on the legitimate use of force to implement its policies (Ferraro 314)." Both words have different concepts state being political structure and nation being a group of people. When used together in the term nation-state it is the two meanings combined being a group of people sharing common culture under a political structure. A good example is Great Britain, which compromises Wales, Ireland, England, and Scotland. Although we look at Great Britain as English, the Irish, Welsh, and Scottish do
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Unformatted text preview: not look at themselves as English in the aspects of tradition or culture. Tanzania is another very good example because it is home to over one-hundred and twenty different ethnic groups whose languages are mutually incompatible. Most people in Tanzania prefer not to claim the title of Tanzanians. Instead they decided to take claim of new names such as Maasai, Wazaramo, or Wachagga to identify themselves. I felt that this was an important chapter because a lot of people not only confuse the terms nation and state but they get confused by the overall meaning. I never knew that some people don't even claim where their from and instead grab an entirely new identity for them to be recognized as. The book also made an interesting point about the Irish and the Scottish not claiming a English heritage, I never really thought about it like that and it made me look at it from a different perspective....
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