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Chapter 14 Ferraro - The Seneca Indians are a good example...

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religion is a powerful force for causing societies to change, particularly in times of stress. Give examples. Religion is a powerful force for causing societies to change, especially in times of stress. A good example of this is Catholic Church which was allied with the Solidarity Movement. This played a very important role in bringing the downfall of the communist government in Poland. Buddhist priests in Vietnam would burn themselves alive on the streets. This reacted in a stimulation of anti-war sentiments in the United States, which in turn led to the evacuation of the United States troops. Another example is the Republic of South Africa. They manipulated their own sets of religious symbols forming churches of their own. The lower class was being manipulated by the upper class so churches represented the underlying production modes in society. The church was used as a diversion from their own miserable lives.
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Unformatted text preview: The Seneca Indians are a good example of religion causing societies to change. By the 1800's they had come into hard times with diminishing land and European diseases because of the "whites". Because of these hard times the Seneca had increased accusations of witchcraft and many alcoholics. Luckily, there was a prophet named Handsome Lake who said that God told him to start a new religion and give up drinking. He foretold of disasters if the people did not follow these new ways. They were expected to follow the rules by being peaceful, sober, and leading pure, upright lives. There society and family structure was completely altered, and division of labor between men and women had been changed. I enjoyed this chapter because i never knew how much of an impact religion had on societies when they are in a time of need....
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