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Chapter 16 Ferraro - the telephone people have been able to...

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what is globalization and how does it affect the cultures of the world? Globalization is the binding of the world into an integrated system driven by free markets, in which cultural diffusion is rapid. It involves the worldwide trend to open markets, deregulation, and privatization of services provided by governments. Some people say the Berlin Wall was one of the turning points in globalization. People agreed that globalization was a worldwide phenomenon that had replaced the past system. Two examples of recent globalization of markets are The North American Free Trade Agreement and the European Union. Trade barriers are falling and goods and services from all different cultures will make there way all over the world. Globalization has caused much faster and more efficient types of technology. One good example of technology globalizing is the telephone. When people wanted to communicate before this invention, people would either have to write a letter or go see them in person. Since
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Unformatted text preview: the telephone people have been able to relay messages from great distances with just a few clicks of a button. Even more advanced now is the cell phone. People don't even have to be home to talk to others on the telephone. You can take the cell phone virtually everywhere and it works all over the world. If they don't pick up it is no longer a problem because you can just text them and it will normally arrive on their phone in a matter of seconds. Globalization has allowed us to enjoy car brands such as Toyota, the Chinese to enjoy McDonalds, and Australians to enjoy Starbucks. It helps the parts of the world keep us with others and advance even faster in the world by comparing ideas and making them even better. It also helps the United States experience different cultures and allowing them to become a part of our own....
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