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CH7 - in the school-age years with respect to each...

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Language Development in School-age Years 1. Describe three (3) differences between later language learning (school-age) and early language learning (birth to five). Be specific and focus your description more on school-age language development. 2. With respect to school-age language, what are two trends that are qualitatively different from earlier developments (i.e., earlier than 5 years of age)? Describe these trends. 3. Describe metalinguistic development in the school-age years with respect to
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Unformatted text preview: in the school-age years with respect to each component of language: semantics, phonology, syntax & morphology, pragmatics. Also, be able to define the term “metalinguistics.” 4. Describe the relationship between home environment and preschool experiences with regard to kindergarten language measures. 5. Describe the components and the development of reading. 6. What is the relation between a child’s language development and literacy development ?...
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