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Unformatted text preview: ard) Expiration During Speech Expiration During Speech A steady air pressure is maintained throughout most of an utterance To Maintain Steady Air To Maintain Steady Air Pressure 1. 2. 3. Inspiratory muscles are used to hold back the elastic recoil force to prevent the lungs from collapsing too quickly Elastic recoil force pushes air out of the lung When elastic recoil force is not enough to maintain the steady air pressure throughout the utterance, expiratory muscles act to squeeze air out The muscular gestures The muscular gestures underlying speech are programmed Larynx: Phonation Larynx: Larynx: A valve that is open during breathing, closed for protection of lungs or when lifting weight. For speech production, the larynx converts air flow into quasi­periodic series of air puffs as the “source” of voiced speech. Larynx: Anatomy Larynx: Anatomy Larynx: Anatomy Larynx: Anatomy Thyroarytenoid (TA) muscles: the principal mass of vocal folds. Larynx: the overall structure Vocal Folds: the muscles Glottis: space between vocal folds Process of Phonation Process of Phonation 1. 2. 3. 4. Arytenoids swing together and vocal folds are medially compressed (phonation­ neutral position) Air from lungs pushes vocal folds open Bernoulli force draws vocal folds together Go back to Step 2 Why Does Marilyn Monroe Why Does Marilyn Monroe Sound Sexy? During phonation, the vocal folds do not close completely. Air leaks from the opening and results in a breathy voice. Voice Quality Difference Voice Quality Difference Speech Production Summary Speech Production Summary Supralaryngeal vocal tract: articulation Larynx: Phonation Subglottal system: Respiration...
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