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Unformatted text preview: CSD 250 CSD 250 Speech Science Consonants Consonants Consonants Classification Articulation Acoustics Consonants Consonants Obstruent consonants: – Stops, fricatives, affricates – Significant intra­oral pressure buildup Sonorant consonants: – Nasals, liquids, glides – No significant intra­oral pressure Stop Consonants Stop Consonants Stop Articulation Stop Articulation Stop articulation: Stop articulation: Time course Stop closure: Stop closure: Acoustic discontinuity [apa] [ata] [aka] Fricatives of the world Fricatives of the world Patterns of fricatives Patterns of fricatives Place distribution Place distribution Voicing distribution Voicing distribution Fricative articulation Fricative articulation Tube model for fricatives Tube model for fricatives Fricative filter spectra Fricative Enhancing fricative place Enhancing fricative place contrast Fricatives on spectrogram Fricatives on spectrogram [afa] [asa] [a a] Affricates on spectrogram Affricates on spectrogram Affricates vs. fricatives Affricates vs. fricatives Nasal articulation Nasal articulation Nasals: Tube model Nasals: Tube model Anti­formants Anti [m] [n] Nasals on spectrograms Nasals on spectrograms Nasal Murmur Liquids: Liquids Laterals, R­Sounds Laterals: Tube model Laterals: Tube model Laterals: Acoustics Laterals: Acoustics Anti­formant Glides: Articulation Glides: Articulation [ w ] [ j ] Glides on spectrogram Glides on spectrogram [ ’jat] [ ’wat] He is a good baby I owe you a yo­yo ...
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