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Unformatted text preview: CSD 250 CSD 250 Speech Science Vowels Last Time: Last Time: Source­filter theory Supralaryngeal Filter Laryngeal Source Source + filter = output Source + filter = output SVT as SVT as compound filter/resonator Resonant frequencies: Frequencies at which acoustic energy generated at source can pass through SVT filter Also called natural frequencies Vowels & formants Vowels & formants Formants: Natural frequencies of the vocal tract Vowels are distinguished based on formant frequencies Radiation characteristics Radiation Bandwidth Bandwidth One person, two voices: One person, two voices: Tuvan singers Acoustic basis of two Acoustic basis of two pitches Aligning harmonics to Aligning harmonics to formants Vowel formants Vowel formants Vowel articulation: Vowel Charting tongue position Vowel acoustics: Vowel Charting formants Articulatory­acoustic Articulatory­acoustic relationship Vowel formants: Determined Vowel formants: Determined by articulation 1. 2. 3. (Tongue) front­back (Tongue) high­low Position of maximal constriction Cross­sectional size of constriction Lip rounding Lowering formant frequencies Point/quantal vowels Point/quantal Present in almost all languages Front­back (F2) High­low (F1) Acoustic energy is concentrated in specific frequency ranges Vowel space: Vowel space: Individual variability Adult male Adult female (triangle) Adolescents (circle) Note: Plotted on logarithmic scale Seeing speech Seeing speech Waveform display Pitch extraction Spectrum Spectrogram Spectrogram Spectrogram What is it? How is it generated? What is it good for? – Shows time, frequency, and amplitude of speech – By sound spectrograph – Identifying formants and harmonics as a function of time Spectrogram Spectrogram He is a good baby. Another Spectrogram Another Spectrogram I owe you a yo­yo. Anatomy of spectrogram Anatomy of spectrogram Wide­band spectrogram: Wide­band Showing formants Narrow­band spectrogram: Narrow­band Showing harmonics ...
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