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Unformatted text preview: MASS MEDIA & SOCIETY Fall 2010 Review for Final Exam Like Exam 1, the Final Exam will be mix of short answer and multiple-choice questions. MATERIAL FROM FIRST EXAM (approximately 10-20% of the Final Exam) Exam 1 know the three convergences; know all media trends and the evolution of electronic media from 1975 to 2010; the roles of YouTube in the cultural economy and audience participation. MATERIAL SINCE EXAM 1 (approximately 80-90% of the Final Exam) LECTURE/CLASS DISCUSSION know discussion of all information discussed in class and on the board: all trends, ideas, current events, and technological convergence of the internet. the similarities and differences in the portrayal of mass media and the audiences in Network , American Dreamz , and V for Vendetta ; how do these films reflect the media world of today provide examples. know the five rights protected by First Amendment; know all the free speech theories and cases discussed in class: political speech, electronic media, offensive speech, obscene speech; commercial speech, flag-burning and symbolic speech,...
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