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PROJECT 1: PAPER AND POWERPOINT PRESENTATION Mass Media and Society Fall 2010 20% of your overall course grade: 10% is the paper; 10% is the Powerpoint Presentation. Due dates: September 27; October 11, 25; November 8, 22. You and your partner will choose one of these dates. SUBJECT: How media industries (etc.) are being impacted by information overload, digital networks, or social media. OVERVIEW This project is very simple. You will team with a partner to analyze how a BTMM-related media industry (Print or Broadcast Journalism, Movies, Television, Advertising/PR, Freedom of Expression) will be impacted by: 1) Information Overload and Interactivity, 2) Networks and Digital Distribution; or 3) Social Media. The only source of information needed is the textbook and your personal experiences. You will produce a 5-page paper and make an 8-10 minute Powerpoint presentation to the class. STEPS TO FOLLOW Step 1 – Choose a partner Step 2 – Choose an industry and a date: Print or Journalism (Ch. 4 or 10, September 27), Movies (Ch. 6, October 11), Television (Ch. 6, October 25), Advertising/PR (Ch. 12, November 11) or Freedom of Expression (Ch. 14 or 15, November 22). Step 3 – Choose a chapter: Information Overload (Chapter 7), Digital Networks (Chapter 8), or Social Media (Chapter 9). Step 4 – Analyze the industry you selected in terms of Information Overload, Digital Networks, or Social Media; write up a report based on the information in the chapters in the textbook and your own personal experiences. STRUCTURE/ORGANIZATION OF PAPER • Write a 5-page paper that covers: 1) key points from the relevant chapters; 2) three insights from your personal experiences. • Make sure you review the attached grading sheet. • The report will be 5 pages — double-space; the margins should be no more than one-inch on four sides. • Use the font Times or Times Roman ; these fonts are the easiest to read! • Please print your report on white paper and staple it; your professor does not carry a stapler to class. If you do not follow these guidelines your grade will be reduced by up to 20 points. — wider than 1” margins = minus 5 points
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mediaproject1 - PROJECT 1: PAPER AND POWERPOINT...

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