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Unformatted text preview: MASS MEDIA & SOCIETY Fall 2010 Review for Mid-Term Exam The exam will be mix of essay, short answer, and multiple-choice questions. Tip: It is often a very good idea to compare your notes with a friend, so you can see how both of you covered the material! LECTURE NOTES • know discussion of all films, videos, and current events. • know all the timelines and discussion of mass media trend up to today: newspapers, books, telephone, radio, movies, TV, personal computers, cable TV, and the internet; know the fragmentation of electronic media audiences. TEXTBOOK Chapter 1 — Know the three convergences: technological, economic, cultural; know effect of convergence on: content, audiences, communications professionals, global media. explain the four functions of mass communication. Chapter 2 — Know the effects of the “fragmentation of media channels”: multi-channel universe, diversity of voices; mass audiences; know the discussion of “new worlds—or cultural imperialism.” Chapter 4 — Know Gutenberg; the “historical development of books;” explain the three trends in book publishing today;...
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