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Unformatted text preview: Print Journalism By: Brandon Warech and Mehmet Durmus Diminishing Craft Education Culture Let’s us use our imagination Makes us think Isn’t based on technology Types of Print Journalism Newspapers, Magazines, and Books Before the Internet Lay a foundation Is a different experience Religions The Bible, the Quran, and the Torah Before the print press Generation to Generation Ideas and Knowledge Traditional Media One to many Newspapers Magazines Books Aristotle on Communica6on “It is simply the transfer of information from a sender to a receiver” Sender to many receivers 2300 Years ago Social Media is created Newspapers History The History The Roman Acta Diurna, 59 B.C. China 8th Century Printing Press by Johann Gutenberg in 1447 Notizie scritte created in 1556 Social Media http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a_KF7TYKVc Social Media A complete different era The internet changed everything Integrates technology and social interaction Discover, Read Share News and Information Social Media Con6nued Social Media Con-nued Newspapers and Advertisers Sold for a penny at one point Relied on advertising Newspapers cannot keep up with the internet. Advertisers mainly focus online Instantly updated Free People can discuss the news Cheaper Much more space Websites see what people like Put up what interests people Youth and Newspapers Not many read the newspaper Books Books are being sold online More books are sold Cheaper Books con6nued Unreliable source Wikipedia Originally created for Engineers People can update Unreliable Amazon, craigslist and half.com People can sell books Students can resell their books Kindle Writers are making more money More books are sold Wikipedia tried to keep trolls out Magazines Advantages compare to newspapers Quality papers Better pictures Visuals People are attracted to visuals Magazines con6nues Transfer Ideas, Knowledge and Entertainment National Geographic Photographs Online source Kid Magazines Nickelodeon Magazine Issued from 1993 ­2009 Conclusion Print Media is a crucial part of our history. Laying foundation Presidential Campaigns to Online Courses Legal rights and the internet Shift from print media to social media Students are allowed to have their laptops ...
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