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MEDIA CRITIQUE (WRITTEN) MEDIA IN EVERYDAY LIFE Fall 2010 • 15% of your course grade Due date: November 2 (Week 10) Return date: November 11 (date of Exam 2) ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY Pair-up with a partner in the class and critique one of the following movies , in terms of: the four media models , the memes from “Media, Memes, and Moments” and various other media themes in the readings and class discussions/powerpoints. Surrogates (Jonathan Mostow 2009) map or territory? Strange Days (Kathryn Bigelow 1995) your personal matrix? Invictus (C. Eastwood 2009) a sports spectacle? Wag the Dog (B. Levinson 1997) meme makers rule eXistenZ (David Cronenberg 1999) gamers delight Ace in the Hole (1951); Plato’s retro classic! Quiz Show (R. Redford 1994) professor as rock star celeb Naqoyqatsi (2003) indie doc classic! DETAILED SUMMARY This report is designed to be challenging, yet fun and engaging. This is your chance to demonstrate your understanding of the basic themes and concepts from this course. That we are using popular films for the report does not mean the assignment is “easy” and can be completed the night before the due date. All of the films and documentaries above have very serious messages about the role of media in everyday life and requires your concentrated attention and understanding. This does not mean you will necessarily “like” any of the films above, though you may find them enlightening and entertaining. This assignment is not about whether you like the film, but rather the chance for you to demonstrate your understanding of the film and what it is saying about media in everyday life. Here are the steps you should follow: 1) Choose a partner for the project. You must pair-up with a partner. 2) Chose a single film from the list above; view the film as many times as needed; once or twice is likely not enough. 3) Critique and analyze the film, using the media models from this class. You should explain all the media models depicted in the film; then, based on the models in the film, you should the explain what the film is saying about media in everyday life. Not every film on the list depicts all of the media models, but each film explicitly contains two or more media models from the class discussion — Meme, Network, Spectacle, Hyperreal. Based on what the film is saying, you should bring in other relevant themes from the from the “Media, Memes, and Moments” — the medium is the message, media technology is not neutral, Moore’s Law, etc. Also, themes such as global brain, hive mind, science, panopticon, surveillance, celebrity, counterculture, maps overtaking territories, electronic consciousness, ecology and technology, Plato’s cave, and so on. • This assignment is not a film review. No outside sources or references are to be used. The totality of your critique and
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1mediacritique - MEDIA CRITIQUE (WRITTEN) 15% of your...

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