ex1SAsample2 - A memeplex is describes a"m'emeplex of the...

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1 1 . Which of the following best describes a "m'emeplex'" A memeplex is A. the basic unit of "uttutit transmission or imitation' - '-. r^"ik' ^rmemes that can onlv repricate vfa th'e *t"il:*":li;:*::t:: ::ilJ""J$'ffiij!tfi:""'ili" A' the bastc unrt or ""'l;;;;;un only replicate via the internet "t""'i;;;;;; "ori."tiu"ry and individually' B. a complexity of memes *":,:i:'^:':'j",il"'. i"nfr.r the survival of th 6. ; ;i"r;., of memes that replicate together to i. un ou.rur.hing meme that contains many lesser memes' 12. which of the following best explains the importllce of Kevin Kelly's "hive mind " A. the internet n", " r*:i;;iil. .'i'"iu.ar and tee hives' lways gets orno:,u,1".In to the lowest standards' #, ffi il:iil ilHll?:*ili}:t '.;:,T:'Jtil;l;li:l:J m::1x?l;fil iTl'"il'1"'il; .'r v e m n d y. tne sociar effecrs oirt," ..triu. mind.- ffansc#;;;;;;eness and rttrr;;i"nr'individual "hee minds"' r3 Accordinc to th:-?ino Feruga articl:-?:-oi: I:,y:;:#;:Lffi$::1i:ili!'+ll::'"" "'our lives? A. Mass produced Tvs atlows ui to experiell* no, which our proou.ir"ur. created and produced' 6il::il1'.1il1il::li'r#iliir{*::ir"11'#,;f il"iirq' b. Plu. ., like Starbu&t j*t""ti"t1v define our urban reality' 14. Why does Stephen Hawking rhtnk Star 'Treft has remained so popular? * lx,],Ty,ij:jffi:tiTffiL";*i'.tr"'",:H'"*{*[1T"::oft".ilrrlriT.;: crew pravvirtualrealitv video sames t rn " sh o w portr ay,';;i; ;i ; ; ",,, ".i :,1i'.'J ilIflTi XilTi ii:;:l'i : c i ar st ab i r i ry :l.*:mn::;:;.*^,]"-'"rdoesnor:*r,-"a.,n.e*ector "wrinen ranguage" and"books"? [ '"*"" t1:ti;ru;:nt*:*i:ti;**;*;'"'"x'1"iii'?iii"" to increase inrormation comprexitv .B. information is passedd:L1 i::5';,,*""r J"*i"ate the planet' '/ 'C. *rin* language and books helpedhuma D. books uttttt'ut"Ji'e evolution of knorvledge'
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l g. A) Explain the Network [4 points]. B) Provide and explain two examples from class, readings, or powerpoint [4 pts]' A. rh,L "ne{.wrrrK" ,bftrvrrd.ra nnoC{ t lhcL+ ,q-c.1lti^^t-Y,^ lil.l-[:rpT,?,1,-l]Jt$r' K.fflY"it *';*;-ffi+ I'fr,,'.l. c,;;' . il,i.c rrt0.ih# tLp(t of ncttuuv6s ] codt I atrz4 i;., ,lo-,tnttrif {t (A-;O."Cf d.trlr rhc-[* cci ti, nc iu't''rK 5{I uf ;q'{r;"'c,tifli{"{cn rdqfrs lci be sp\rod- Te lcv{Slon I TV roLqtri hr efu*r.rr &;q:d c(s &q r,Ksr$f}?r 6- clnttcrltz(.Jt rr.4-;trr,ro.rK-in ttrur f*t.{ t['n,01* t4 l.rc{t o{ # hqfurq"rrt{, t$ t5 u l5* r5 B. o-lrrtity
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ex1SAsample2 - A memeplex is describes a"m'emeplex of the...

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