ex1SAsample3 - is [email protected] I l which of the...

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I l. which of the following best describes a "memeprex.,'A memeplex is A.acomplexitvofmemesthat^canonlyreplicateviatheinternet*c;;;;@pletoreplicate. @a cluster of memes that replicate togeth;to further the survival of the memes, collectively and individually. C. an overarching meme that contains many lesser memes. D. the basic unit of cultural transmission oi i.itution. l2' which of the following best explains the importance of Kevin Kelry,s ,.hive mind.,, A' the "swarm intelligence" of the hive mind shbws how the internet always gets dumbed down to the lowest standards. Aft" "swarm intelligence" insures that the most enlightened memes will always prevail in the. .hive mind.,, Qlf t social effects of the "hive mind" transcend the i*u."n"r, and effects of the individual ..bee minds.,, D. the internet has a structure like ant beds and bee hives. -l-3' According to the Dino Felluga article about The Matrix,what is one effect of industrialization on our lives? H-l^"f::g T15 t:1"-"1 the un-tlerlying ."uiity from which our products are created and produced. tl. we create theme parks as fantasy lands for escaping urban reality. C. Places like Starbucks increasingly define our urian reality. D' Mass produced TVs allows us to experience nature fromihe convenience of our homes. f+.^Why does Stephen Hawking think Srar Trekhasremained so popular? Aon the spaceship, the computers are very cool and control "u"rytiing,.*hile the crew play virtual reality video games. q4l" show portrays a comforting vision of technological perfectlon and social stability. 9. I!. show provides a positive vlew of science for thi youil, oitr," *o.ra. D' TV viewers love to watch aliens being destroyed by humans,o-ruu. civilization. l5' According to Hawking, which of the following does not explainthe effect of ..written language,, and. .books,,? A' information
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ex1SAsample3 - is [email protected] I l which of the...

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