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MEDIA IN EVERYDAY LIFE FALL ‘10 EXAM 1 NAME: ________ MC-KEY _________ For multiple-choice questions, choose the best answer and place it on the Scantron sheet. Each question is worth 2 points. 1. What is Moore’s Law … and why is it important for understanding the future possibilities for media technology? computer power is doubling every two years as prices decline …. the pattern will continue in future decades and media technologies will become exponentially more powerful. 2. According to Stephen Hawking, Moore’s Law will ______________________________________. make possible computers that act in an intelligent way. 3. According to the text, what is the “big bang” of electronic media? the exponential expansion of the power of media technology to contain and transmit information. 4. According to Stephanie Zacharek in Salon , the film Star Trek provides: _________________________. “an enlightened future in which whites, blacks, Asians and one Vulcan are united by their exploratory mission.”
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