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BTMM 1041 — MEDIA IN EVERY DAY LIFE FALL 2010 REVIEW SHEET — EXAM 1 The exam will be essay questions, short answers, and some multiple choice questions. Tips: 1) integrate powerpoints with the readings, so you will better understand the key ideas; 2) It is often a good idea to compare your notes with a friend! KEY IDEAS: CLASS DISCUSSION / POWERPOINTS Explain the four media models — know Meme, Network, Spectacle, Hyperreal; know how they are illustrated in the films and explained in the powerpoints and readings. Powerpoint 2: Memes — e xplain Lady Gaga in terms of Meme and Spectacle; explain Facebook in terms of Meme and Network; how are memes like genes? know memeplexes and metamemes. Powerpoint 3: Star Trek and the Network — explain the panopticon and: 1) the Network, 2) the Bridge, 3) how you use the internet; know centralized, decentralized, distributed networks; explain what Zacharek and Dargis think about Star Trek . Powerpoint 4: The Power of the Network — know Moore’s Law and the “Questions” and “Memes” from the text; know
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