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MEDIA IN EVERY DAY LIFE FALL 2010 REVIEW SHEET — EXAM 2 As with Exam 1, this exam will be a mix of multiple-choice, essay, and short answer questions. KEY IDEAS: TEXTBOOK — what is the slogan of USC School of Cinematic Arts and what do the authors say about it? what do the authors say about Hollywood’s continual depiction of “mad scientists” and why does it continue to happen? what does the reading say about science and scientists in Volcano , Red Planet , CPR on TV, CSI , Dante’s Peak, An Inconvenient Truth, Contact, Independence Day , Gattaca , The Day After Tomorrow ? Tyson: “Our Radio Bubble” — what does Tyson say about the “poetics” of the opening scene in Contact ? what is our “radio bubble”? how big must their antennae be for extraterrestrials to pick up our TV signals from 100 light years away? if the extraterrestrials watched our TV signals for 50 years, what would they conclude about Earth society? Wolf: “Surveillance Ordinary Citizens and Infiltrate Citizens Groups” — explain the various ways that surveillance has been used with electronic media and databases since 9/11; explain the reasons why dictatorships and democratic governments use surveillance, what is “Operation TIPS”? Cashmore: “Answering/The Big Question”
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