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BTMM 1041 — MEDIA IN EVERY DAY LIFE Fall 2010 REVIEW SHEET FINAL EXAM The exam will be comprehensive. The style and format will be the same as the two previous exams. Bring a pencil. Date: Tuesday, Dec14, 1:00 – 3:00; all students must take the exam at this time; the final exam is mandatory. KEY INFORMATION: FIRST TWO EXAMS approximately 30-40% of the final exam • explain the 4 media models and provide examples from society and all the films we have seen in class. Exam 1 — explain the media ideas of Hawking, Postman, Kelly, Felluga, Rushkoff, Baudrillard; know the meanings of: Plato’s Cave, Lady Gaga, Howard Beale, the NFL, Moore’s Law, media is the message, media technology is not neutral. Exam 2 — explain the media ideas of Tyson, Heath and Potter, Mooney and Kirshenbaum, Cashmore, Wolf. Explain “counterculture” and consumer culture, surveillance and celebrity; the five “universal solvents” for global culture. SINCE EXAM 2 Approximately 60-70% of the exam will come from notes, readings, films since Exam 2. KEY IDEAS: TEXTBOOK
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