Q3Contact - (1997 • 4 Explain roles(pro& con of the...

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Contact (1997) 1. Explain the flm in terms oF the media models: Meme, Network, Spectacle, Hyperreal. 2 Explain the role oF media technology in the opening scene? 3. What is the role/Function oF all media technologies and “the Network” in relation to science and discoveries throughout the flm? computers, screens, TV, radio telescopes, internet, etc. 3. Know the relation oF media tech. know what Joss says; know what Ellie says about “the big picture” Questions 4-6 continue on next slide
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Unformatted text preview: (1997) • 4. Explain roles (pro & con) of the mass media (CNN, etc.) in conveying scientiFc discoveries and truths to the public? – role of “memes” and “spectacle.” – know what Joss says to Larry King on CNN; what Clinton says about the big discovery; what Drumlin says on TV? what are public’s various reactions to the discovery? • 5. What actually happens to Ellie on the journey? Which media models best explain this? • 6. What is the meaning of the “static” on Ellie’s video?...
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Q3Contact - (1997 • 4 Explain roles(pro& con of the...

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