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What are the memes and metamemes in WALL•E ? How are the Spectacle and Hyperreal are illustrated? Compare opening scenes with opening in Contact . Explain the depictions and relations among the cosmos, nature, technology (especially media tech), and humans. More questions on following page
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WALL-e (2008) Explain the meaning and symbolism of: – the media technologies — Buy-N-Large
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Unformatted text preview: – skyscrapers of garbage — EVE, WALL-e, & “Auto” – cigarette lighter & the plant — space ship city “Axiom” • Compare the messages of WALL-e to those in Fight Club . – “Reboot” v. Return to ‘Zero’ – Compare the “rebels” and their goals • What is the meaning of the Fnal image in the Flm and the images and lyrics during the credits?...
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Q9Wall•E - – skyscrapers of...

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