20 - Ruby Peters Class Notes 3 Goals of Social Studies Make...

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Ruby Peters Class Notes – January 20, 2010 3 Goals of Social Studies: Make good citizens -- Be informed Make critical informed thinking Decision making Effective vs. Affective: Effective: professional characteristic - to have knowledge, to be able to use skills, content Affective: personal characteristic – emotions, passion, feelings Dynamic Social Studies Process skills & constructivist teaching practices Intrinsic motivation Cross curricular integration Respect for diversity Six social sciences (traditional): Geography – study of people, places, the natural environment, and the capacity of earth to support life Economics – study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services History – systematically investigate, analyze and interpret the past Political Science (civics, law) – study of the rights and duties of citizens Anthropology – study of people to find out about their physical, social, and cultural characteristics.
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Sociology – study of society and social behavior by examining groups and social institutions such as the family, government, religion, business, or school. Contemporary Aspects (modern): Careers Health Law /Civics Environment/global issues Multicultural Education Terrorism Literacy Curriculum Connections 5 themes of geography (Chapter 5):
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20 - Ruby Peters Class Notes 3 Goals of Social Studies Make...

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