BA 4196 Syllabus Spring 2011 (Preliminary ) Version 1-1.0(1)

BA 4196 Syllabus Spring 2011 (Preliminary ) Version...

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Harold E Klein GLOBAL BUSINESS POLICIES, BA 4196 SPRING 2011 (Preliminary) Version 1.0 Office: 531 Alter Office hours: MW 10-11AM 215 204-8883 (office) (appointment suggested) 215 843-1561 (home) [email protected] SYLLABUS/ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE 1. BA 4196 Global Business Policies Course Pack (GBP) 2. GBP SPRING 2011 KLEIN -- BB/MY COURSES (BBD) 3 . Various GBPs (BBD or BBMD) and website links (BBL), also posted to BA 4196 Community (BBC) in Documents . (If you are registered for a section of BA 4196, the BA 4196 Community should be located on your BB home page under My Organizations). 4. TU Electronic Library Reserve (EL) – Supplemental GBPs 5. (IEI) How to read this syllabus Every week there are both readings and case assignments. These can be found either in your Course Pack, BA4196 Global Business Policies Course Pack (GBP) or online at GBP SPRING 2011 KLEIN (BBD) in BB/My Courses, various websites, and TU Electronic Library Reserve (EL). All assignments are due the class session of the week indicated below; if your section meets twice a week, then assignments are due at the first class meeting (unless otherwise noted). All readings unless otherwise indicated are found in the course pack. In addition to the Course Pack (GBP), a variety of other readings are posted to GBP SPRING 2011 KLEIN/Course Documents (BBD) or /More Documents (BBMD) that complement almost all assignments; also, there are links to websites (BBL) that have excellent material on strategic management topics covered in the course. Other relevant readings may be assigned or simply recommended for those that wish to further explore in depth particular topics. WEEKLY READING ASSIGNMENTS SHOULD BE PREPARED FOR THE CLASS SESSION (UNLESS INSTRUCTED OTHERWISE). AFTER YOU HAVE READ AND STUDIED THE ASSIGNED READINGS OR OTHER MATERIAL, FOR EACH ITEM IN
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BA 4196 Syllabus Spring 2011 (Preliminary ) Version...

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