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AIS Quiz ch 10 - 1 All of the following edit checks for...

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1. All of the following edit checks for online editing of accounts receivable transactions would probably be included except Student Response Value Correct Answer A. validity checks on customer and invoice numbers. B. check digit verification on the amount of the sale. C. closed loop verification on the customer name to ensure the proper account is being updated. 0% D. field checks on the values in dollar fields. Score: 0/1 2. The revenue cycle is a recurring set of business activities and related information processing operations associated with providing goods and services to customers and collecting cash in payment for those sales. With whom is the primary external exchange of information? Score:
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1/1 3. Well-designed AIS controls must ensure that all transactions are authorized, valid, and properly recorded. In addition, there are three other AIS objectives. Which is not an AIS objective? Score: 1/1 4. How is credit approval generally handled for well-established customers with a documented payment history?
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