Gm-Internet Assignment 2

Gm-Internet Assignment 2 - Nesha Neycheva GM 105 Dr. Hatton...

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Nesha Neycheva GM 105 Dr. Hatton INTERNET ASSIGNMENT # 2 According to Fortune Magazine article “America’s Most Admired Companies” for 2000; General Electric is the number one in the list for Most Admired Company in America for three consecutive years. FORTUNE’s annual survey of the country's leading business men and women. The top for year 2000 follows; Microsoft was ranked number two, Dell Computer ranked number three, Cisco Systems ranked number four, Wal-Mart Stores was in fifth place, Southwest Airlines ranked number six, Berkshire Hathaway was ranked in seventh, Intel was ranked number eight, number nine was The Home Depot and Lucent Technologies was in the tenth place. On the other hand, when we look at the 2010 list Apple has been chosen America’s most admired company by Fortune, follows Google (Why it's admired Google is increasingly squaring off against Apple, so it's fitting that the search engine giant climbs into the no. 2 slot this year, notably edging past Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. The tech behemoth -- its revenues were $23.6 billion last year -- continues to dominate search on the web and attract the smartest designers and engineers. Meanwhile YouTube, long disparaged by critics as a money-loser, has started showing signs of major growth potential and analysts expect it will become profitable in
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Gm-Internet Assignment 2 - Nesha Neycheva GM 105 Dr. Hatton...

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