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Neycheva 1 Nesha Neycheva Professor Nancy Lee Cecil EDTE 121 May 12, 2010 Author Project: Gaye Hi ç yilmaz “Hiçyilmaz's writing is delicate and pointed, the plotting exciting and the characters psychologically convincing”, claimed a London Guardian reader in the year 2002 (Orion, 2002). I chose to do my author study on Gaye Hicyilmaz. I chose her out of all the multicultural authors out there for three reasons; one I noticed she had a Turkish last name and that stuck out to me from all the other “middle eastern” authors since I am Turkish as well. I was more curious to see how a person from Turkey wrote children’s books for the rest of the world to read and understand. Secondly, I began looking more into her and her work, and I noticed that she was not Turkish but was married to a Turkish man and had lived in Turkey for a good amount of years. Lastly, I started looking into all of the books she had written and they were not all about Turkish people and Turkey but more about the theme of young adults and children who have had the positive or negative experience of moving from one culture to another. Furthermore, the fact that so many reviews of her books had said such strong and positive remarks about her writing made me feel that I would be getting an accurate portrayal of her characters and their particular situations.
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Neycheva 2 Personal Biography Gaye Hicyilmaz was born in Surbiton, Surrey, England on May 5 th , 1947 under her maiden name of Campling. She was raised there as well by her father Harry who was an engineer and her mother, Dorothy, who happened to be a school teacher. Her mother’s maiden name was Hart. Gaye attended the University of Sussex and she graduated from there with a Bachelors of Arts in 1969. A year later Gaye married a local banker named Muzaffer Hicyilmaz in 1970. Little did she know her predominantly simple British life was about to take a whole new turn towards a life full of multicultural experiences (Something about the author, 2005). Gaye’s newly married life consisted of living in Turkey for almost twenty years (Information, 2006). While she lived there she gave birth to four beautiful children, who are all grown up adults at this time. Her children are; Timur, Mevgu, Hulagu, and Kubilay. I think the fact that her children were born and raised in Turkey gave them a better understanding of culture and the ability to speak two different languages fluently. For most of the 1970’s, Gaye Hicyilmaz resided in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. There she took on the career of being a British Council teacher for almost a decade. Ankara also happens to be the setting of her first book Against the Storm , which was based on a true story she found In the Turkish Press. After living in Turkey for several years Gaye moved to Switzerland with her husband and their four children. They lived in the small town of Horgen with a population of less than 20,000 for almost seven years. It seems as if the places Gaye resides in have provided her with a strong connection to the lands, since her next book
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kids_lit_research_paper - Neycheva1 Nesha Neycheva...

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