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Picture Book Double Entry - Neycheva Nesha Neycheva Dr....

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Neycheva 1 Nesha Neycheva Dr. Nancy Lee Cecil EDTE 121 February 17, 2010 Picture Book Double Entry Journal Argueta,Jorge (2001). A Movie in My Pillow. (I11. Elizabeth Gomez). CA: Children’s Book Press Memorable Quote : “When we left El Salvador in a bus I could not stop crying because I had left my mama my little brothers and my grandma behind.” Personal Reflection: This book was in English and in Spanish. In one page there were English and Spanish versions of the story. I picked this quote, because the author’s childhood experiences, dreams, and memories of life in El Salvador and San Francisco reminded me of my own experiences when I first moved to the United States. I really felt his sorrow because I had to leave my mother and my sister in Turkey and tried to adapt to this new country which was very challenging. Throughout the reading, he compared his home town to his new place in the Mission District of San Francisco. He described many different encounters and experiences from this place. I loved the bright purples and reds and oranges in this book, it gave it a high speed feeling and gave me excitement as I read it. Sooriyarachchi, Janaki (2003). The Giant Mushroom. (I11. Janaki Sooriyarachchi). Sri Lanka: Tikiri Publishers Memorable Quote : “Oh! Please, little bud! Please, grow up! Grow, grow, grow up quickly! My little brother is crying in hunger.” Personal Reflection: This story was full of pastel colored drawings. From a child’s perspective it was easy to read with large letters and pictures. Animals play a key role in Sri Lanka and this book illustrated that very well. The story was about a rabbit named Skippy who is sad because his brother is hungry. He went on journey to find a food for his brother. First he asks his friends to give him some food, but they said they have enough for themselves. I chose this quote because he had hope that a little bud will grow and he will then feed his brother. He did not give up on his hope about growing that little mushroom bud. And with help from sun, earth, clouds his little bud grew and became a giant mushroom. I loved reading this book because it gives a lesson about sharing with others, and its importance. Even though, Skippy’s friends did not share their food with Skippy, he at the end shares the giant mushroom with his friends. Souhami, Jessica (1997). Rama and the Demon King. (I11. Jessica Souhami). New York: DK Ink.
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Neycheva 2 Memorable Quote : “Rama and Sita were reunited and they returned to India. Sadness overshadowed the land, for Rama’s father had died of grief on the day they left the palace. But now people rejoiced that Rama was home. The celebrations lasted a whole month.” Personal Reflection: Family is a very big part of Indian culture, along with celebration. This book did a very good job of showing these underlying principles of the land. I enjoyed how the story was very simple and to the point. No room for sorrow or grief it was more concerned with positive aspects of life. Although the
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Picture Book Double Entry - Neycheva Nesha Neycheva Dr....

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