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9/22/10 Paragraph <p> Single line break <br /> Heading <h1>-<h6> Strong emphasis <strong>emphasis <em> Bold <b> Italicize <i> underline <u> anchor (link) <a> unordered list <ul> ordered list <ol> list item <li> <img src=”_______” alt=”stuart” /> <i> = <em> <b> = <strong> align=”________” (left, right, center, justify) ex: <h1 align=”center”> How to carve wood</h1> <blockquotes> indents left and right margins   non-breaking space definition list <dl> definition title <dt> definition data <dd> use it like this:
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Unformatted text preview: <dl> <dt>_____</dt> <dd>_____</dd> <dd>______</dd> <dt>_____</dt> <dd>______</dd> <dd>______</dd> </dl> absolute link – website address relative link – you bores it email link – your e-mail ex: <a href=”mailto:_____”>Contact me</a> xx-small, .5em, 10px, 6t, 50% x-small, .60em, 11px, 8pt, 60% small- .75em, 13px, 10 pt, 75% medium- 1em, 16px, 12pt, 100% large- 1,5em, 24px, 18pt, 150% x-large- 2em, 28px, 24pt, 200% pt=print .em & % are for web designer &quot; = “_____”...
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