397 - MAT 397 - Calculus III Spring 2011 All sections...

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Spring 2011 All sections Course Description: MAT 397 is the third course in a three semester sequence in Calculus. This sequence is designed for Mathematics, Science and Engineering majors and for those students in other majors who intend to take advanced courses in mathematics. This course covers the concepts of vectors, vector valued functions, functions of several variables, partial derivatives and multiple integration. Text: Calculus (Early Transcendentals version) 6th Edition, by James Stewart, Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2008. (The material we will cover appears in Chapters 12 through 16.) Background for Course : Completing MAT 296 (Calculus II) with a grade of C- or better is a prerequisite for MAT 397 (Calculus III). If you have not satisfied this prerequisite, you should drop MAT 397 and register for MAT 296. Students who earned a C or less in MAT 296 are unlikely to be successful in MAT 397. Calculators : The TI-83+ is the recommended graphics calculator for this course. Students who already own and know how to use another equivalent calculator are free to use it. Calculators may or may not be allowed on exams and quizzes but symbolic calculators (such as the TI-89 or the TI-92) may not be used. On exams and quizzes complete solutions, and not merely answers, must be presented to receive credit. For example a numerical computation of an integral by calculator is not acceptable. Course Format : The course format is two or three lectures (depending on your section) and a recitation each week. Your primary instructor will introduce new material in lecture. Your recitation instructor will answer questions on the course material and the assigned homework problems. Exams and quizzes will be given during recitation. Class Attendance and Participation : You are expected to attend and participate in class. Missing class is the most common reason for poor performance in the course. If you miss a class, you are responsible for obtaining notes for that class from a student who attended. It is also your responsibility to find out about any announcements made in class. Homework : Assignments for the entire semester are listed below. Each day's assignment should be completed before the next class meeting. Some variations from the list of homework exercises may be announced in class. Your instructor may elect to grade some homework assignments and to use these in determining your final grade. It is essential to do all the homework in a timely fashion! Help: Your instructors will be available regularly during their office hours. You can also seek help at the Calculus Help Center in the Reading Room of Carnegie Hall. The Help Center hours are posted by 215 Carnegie Hall or you can obtain a copy of the schedule in the Math Department Office. Examinations
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397 - MAT 397 - Calculus III Spring 2011 All sections...

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