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Due: 02/07/2011 ELE231 HOMEWORK # 2 Fall 2011 (Syracuse University EECS) aalmagam @ syr . edu NOTE : Please remember to STAPLE, solve ONE PROBLEM per a single sheet of paper, make sure to tear off any spiral notebook EDGES, and BOX or UNDERLINE your final answer(s). Points will be deducted for incorrect formatting (1 point per error). PROBLEMS #1-4 : Given the circuits below, a) Find the transfer function H ( s ) in terms of V IN and V OUT . b) Identify the gain K of the device.
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Unformatted text preview: c) Identify all of the poles and zeroes . d) Given a complex freq. of s = 5 + j 2 and an input V IN = 0.1, find the value of V OUT . PROBLEM #5 : a) Given a gain of K = 10, two poles at p 1 = -5 – j 3, p 2 = -5 + j 3, and a zero at z 1 = 0, find the transfer function H ( s ) (assume a complex frequency of s = 5 + j 2). b) Given an input of X IN = 0.1, find X OUT using the value of H ( s ) obtained above....
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