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Business Review

Business Review - result interest rates will and economic...

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Business Review 70 questions t/f and multiple choice - In the u.s economy, _____ are considered ther reward for the risk of entering business - A partnership is - When google opened offices in Tokyo, London and Sydney, they were utilizing ______ by relocation business activities to lower- cost locations over seas o Nearshoring o Outsourcing o Offshore o Employee sourcing - Business ethics - In order to remain viable, not- for profit organizations - Which federal agency is responsible for setting workplace health and safety standards o Ftc o Fda o Osha o Fcc - The study of macro economics is _____ - Which of the following statements about demand curves is true? - Pure competition - An oligopoly - Communism
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- Capitalism - ____ is a commonly used measure of productivity - Structurally - Seasonally - Cyclically - Frictionally - Monetary policy _______-- who is responsible for it - The federal reserve increases the amount of money banks can lend. As a
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Unformatted text preview: result, interest rates will ___ and economic growth will ____-A country’s exchange rate is based on _____-International Monetary fund-United nations-The north American free trtade agreement (NAFTA) can be expected to ____-In total, U.S. franchises generate over ____ in annual sales-Conglomerate merger-Vertical merger-Horizontal merger-Joint venture-Entrepreneurs posess all of the gfollowing traits except-Top management-Middle management-Supervisory management-Human skills involve-Vision-Strategic planning-Strategic management-Organizing function-Which type of planning determines the primary objectives of an organization, and then acts and allocates resources to achieve those objectives o Tactical planning o Strategic o Contingency o Operational-An organization’s system of principals, beliefs and values is called...
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Business Review - result interest rates will and economic...

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