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Exam 1 vocabulary - Psychiatry a branch of medicine that...

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“Psychology is the study of the mind or the soul” Psychology: the systematic study of behavior and experience Determinism: the idea that everything that happens has a cause, or determinant, that one can observe or measure Free will: the belief that behavior is caused by a person’s independent decisions Mind- brain problem: philosophical question of how experience relates to the brain Dualism: the mind is separate from the brain but somehow controls the brain and therefore the rest of the body Monism: the view that conscious experience is inseparable from the physical brain Nature- nuture issue: (heredity- environment issue): how do differences in behavior relate to differences in heredity and environment Clinical psychologists: have an advanced degree in psychology with a specialty in understanding and helping people with psychological problems
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Unformatted text preview: Psychiatry: a branch of medicine that deals with emotional disturbances Psychoanalysts: therapy providers who rely heavily on the theories and methods pioneered by the early 20 th century vietnnese physician Sigmund Freud and later modified by others Clinical social worker: similar to a clinical psychologist but with different training Counseling psychologist: help people with educational, vocational, marriage, health- related, and other decisions. Forensic psychologists: provide advice and consulation to police, lawyers and courts Industrial/ organizational (I/O) psychology: psychological study of people at work Human factors spet (ergonomist): attempts to facilitate the operation of machinery to that ordinary people can use it efficiently and safely School63 +...
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Exam 1 vocabulary - Psychiatry a branch of medicine that...

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