Lecture 20 - Lecture 20 Thursday, November 18, 2010 9:50 AM...

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People cycling with others do much better than cycling alone We do better under pressure The social Facilitation Effect Norman Triplett- originator of sport psychology - Performance: how well one does on an easy/ well-versed task Crowd: other part taking part in a task We perform better in a crowd - Play with others Imagine the presence of others Imagine you are being tested/ evaluated Do not overstress Zajonc: said it is Yerkes- Dodson Curve - The tendency to work less hard when sharing work with other people Social loafing - The Beginning of Social Psychology Facilitation doesn’t work if you aren't already skilled at the task - Where is the difference Personal accountability- leads to social loafing - Pooled: social loafing - Social Facilitation Social loafing Hitting baseball Tug-of-war Lifting weights Clapping at a concert Performing in a play Singing as part of a choir Diffusion of responsibility Yes No Social loafing Social facilitation Social loafing isn't the only negative outcome when we consider the influence of others - Latané and Darley In 1968, Rosenthal and Jacobson administered the Test of General Ability
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Lecture 20 - Lecture 20 Thursday, November 18, 2010 9:50 AM...

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