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Assignment One – Example When consulting this assignment, for reference only, please do take careful note of the following: 1. This is not a solution to the assignment. There are no “right” answers. This is not only one way the assignment could be answered. I take the view that there is not a partnership, as that’s probably the simplest approach. The students who wrote the most effective assignment have agreed to have their work posted as well, and they take the opposite view. 2. In preparing this answer, I’ve made a point of writing it quickly. I’m not trying to present you with a perfect answer, only one that approaches the assignment in a way that is effective. 3. In case anyone is wondering, I really don’t care how you address your work, or if you specifically refer it to Ms. Johnson or whatnot. I’ve picked a format because I feel like something should appear at the top of the page, but there’s nothing special about doing it the way I have done. 4. I reference the Partnerships Act several times. Many students did this, and it’s nice to be able to cite something while making statements about how the law works. Be aware, however, that you aren’t expected to go around citing legislation for either the midterm or the exam (that would be unreasonable) and even for the second assignment there won’t be the same motive or opportunity to do that. It’s fine to simply state the law as you know it, without referencing any source, and that could be done in this assignment as well without any problems. 5. In spite of myself, I do offer a recommendation of sorts in my conclusion. This is not required, and it only happened to come out of the form of my answer. 6. I’ve single spaced this, because it isn’t being graded. My word count is around 1,300 or about five pages. Regards, Jeff
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Case Assignment One MGTC31 Re: Consultation with Ms. Jane Johnson Dear: Ms. Johnson This summary is intended to present the facts of your legal situation as I best interpret it. Your sister has advanced the claim that your two commercial efforts – your canoe tours and her cabin rentals – constitute a partnership. This claim has great relevance to the pending sale of your business because if true it would suggest that Ms. Maggie Johnson is entitled to half the proceeds of the sale. Section 2 of the
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Assignment+One+Example+Summer+2009 - Assignment One Example...

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