Assignment+One+Summer+2009 - Management C31 Summer Term,...

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Management – C31 Summer Term, 2009 Assignment One The Case Maggie and Jane Johnson are sisters. In the late 1970s they inherited some land from their grandparents – a lakeside property located in northern Ontario. As co-owners of the property they weren’t sure what to do with it at first but then they decided it might provide both of them with a livelihood. Maggie was interested in starting a summer vacation spot for tourists and Jane wanted to lead adventure tours by canoe through the nearby parks and wetlands. They realized these two ventures were very complimentary and agreed they would share the land and help one another with their efforts. Maggie built several cabins on the land and lived there herself. She rented out the cabins to tourists and ran a small restaurant and shop from her own home. As time went by she built more cabins and improved on her facilities until they supplied her with a modest but steady income. Much of the work she did herself, but Jane helped her with some of the construction and the rest was hired help. Jane, meanwhile, built a boathouse on the land (with Maggie’s help), purchased some canoes and other equipment, and began advertising her “Wilderness Adventure Tours.” When not on tour, however, she lived in town with her husband. Things got going more slowly for her and Maggie had to help her out financially for a while. They always described this as “loans” and Jane paid back some of the money later, but they never kept
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Assignment+One+Summer+2009 - Management C31 Summer Term,...

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